This week GUE/NGL MEPs João Pimenta Lopes, Estefanía Torrres and Javier Couso attended the 10th EUROLAT Parliamentary Assembly in El Salvador.

For four days, representatives of the European Parliament and national Latin American and Caribbean parliaments gathered in the Central American country to discuss a range of issues on both sides of the Atlantic.

The left-wing political forces present at EUROLAT gathered together for a productive and thorough exchange of views on the current situation in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe and agreed a common resolution, signed by those present.

GUE/NGL MEPs raised key concerns over EU policies such as austerity, migration, militarism and free trade agreements. They also highlighted the importance of addressing women’s rights, climate change and environmental protection.

A letter calling for the release of Santiago Maldonado*, and seeking the end of impunity, supported by several GUE/NGL members, was also promoted with the broad support of Latin American representatives.

GUE/NGL MEPs had also the opportunity to meet with the Vice President of El Salvador, Oscar Ortiz and with the Political Commission of the El Salvador political party Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional where they expressed solidarity with the workers and people of El Salvador.

At the EUROLAT assembly, condolences were presented to Mexico and the Caribbean countries, following the devastation and loss of life caused by the recent earthquake and hurricanes.


Read the full (in Spanish) text of the resolution here

*Santiago Maldonado is an Argentinian backpacker who disappeared in August 2017 in suspicious circumstances.


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