In a strong signal for equality and respect for fundamental rights,  MEPs have today adopted a report by Left MEP Anne Sophie Pelletier (France Insoumise) titled “Towards equal rights for people with disabilities.”

87 million people live with disabilities in the EU. They still face discrimination with their fundamental rights violated every day. 

Pelletier’s report proposes concrete action for implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The proposals consider the specific needs of those most at risk, including children, the elderly and refugees. Women with disabilities are particularly vulnerable: 13 EU member states still practice forced sterilisation, and most don’t respect reproductive rights. It is also necessary to make changes to the European disability card system to guarantee real freedom of movement for people with disabilities. It is essential to establish mutual recognition of the level of disability between member states, so people can preserve their rights, no matter where they are in the European Union.

Many basic aspects of our society are still inaccessible to people with disabilities, such as housing, education, care, justice, transport, culture, sports, and political life. The Left demands improved public policies to ensure that everyone has real access and proposals from the European Commission for a horizontal anti-discrimination directive.


Anne-Sophie Pelletier MEP commented on the vote: “For far too long, the difficulties of people with disabilities have been ignored in the European Union. They are citizens whose rights are violated on a daily basis. It is high time for this to change, and I am delighted that the debate on this report “Towards equality for people with disabilities” can move our society towards real equality for all.”


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Anne-Sophie Pelletier

Anne-Sophie Pelletier