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Left Co-President Martin Schirdewan offered strong criticism of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and his coalition’s record today in the European Parliament.

During a debate, Schirdewan castigated Scholz’s government’s failed policies and demanded policies to deliver social justice in Germany and throughout Europe. On economic governance and the upcoming reform of the EU debt rules, The Left Co-President set out a call for a solidarity pact for employment, investment, and environmental protection.

“While people struggle with rising food prices, rent, and poverty, billionaires keep profiting. It’s time for social justice, not corporate greed”, said Left group Co-President Martin Schirdewan. “The recipe for common European development is solidarity, not austerity, Mr Scholz. Europe’s future cannot be built on the backs of working families or the least protected. Wealth is growing immeasurably while 54 million people struggle to pay their energy bills. We need a turnaround for social justice.” 

“The arms industry is not the answer, Chancellor. President von der Leyen’s new ammunition law is throwing millions in public money down the greedy throat of weapons corporations. Willy Brandt would be disappointed. It’s time to stand up for peace and disarmament” Schirdewan concluded.

The Left Group in the European Parliament advocates for workers, the environment, feminism, peace & human rights. We are the voice of the streets in the European Parliament.

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