A discussion between the European Commission and MEPs on the EU’s anti-money-laundering policy took place in Brussels this afternoon, with GUE/NGL’s Marina Albiol expressing dissatisfaction over the Commissioner’s lack of will in implementing concrete measures.

Members of the Committee of Inquiry into Money Laundering, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion (PANA) grilled Commissioner Věra Jourová over her role and what she has done to enforce EU legislation such as the Third Anti-Money Laundering Directive (3AMLD) and the progress on implementing the Fourth Directive (4AMLD).

Speaking after the meeting, Spanish MEP and PANA substitute Albiol said Commissioner Jourová’s performance left a lot to be desired:

“Commissioner Jourová has proved once again just how little the European Commission cares about involving member states when it comes to combating tax evasion and fraud.”

“Ms Jourová has been unable to provide clear answers or to clarify the loopholes that currently exist within European legislation. In fact, we’ve even seen an increase in these loopholes that allow different administrations of the EU to indulge in this kind of practice,” said Albiol.

“The fact that 22 out of 28 member states are unable to comply with the current directive’s requirements speaks volumes, let alone the apathy shown by the Commission on this matter.”

“All of this implies that the Commission does not consider this issue a priority – just look at how certain administrations within the Union are allowed to implement their own rules whilst the Commission looks the other way.”

“We will therefore continue to seek clarification over the role of the Commission and the reasons behind its passive approach towards the implementation of the directive. Similarly, a revision of the proposals which complies with the principle of transparency and fair and equal treatment is also long overdue,” argues Albiol.

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