30 Jun 2021 – 14:30 CET

This initiative aims to promote an exchange of views on the situation in the European Union and the ways to build an effective Europe of cooperation, social progress and peace. A Europe that serves the interests and aspirations of the workers and the peoples.

This videoconference will provide an opportunity for diverse political forces to share their reflections and experiences on a topic of common importance.

Interpretation : CS, DE, EL, EN, ES, FR, IT, PT



Worker’s Party of Belgium – Marc Botenga MEP
AKEL – Progressive Party of the Working People – Cyprus – Neoklis SYLIKIOTIS
KSČM – Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia – Czechia – Airoom Korjagin
Communist Party in Denmark – Tscherning Johansen
Communist Party of Finland – Tiina Sandberg
French Communist Party – Vincent Boulet
German Communist Party – Günter Pohl
Communist Refoundation Party – Maurizio Acerbo
Portuguese Communist Party – Pedro Guerreiro
Communist Party of Spain – Jose Luis Centella
Izquierda Unida – Ismael González
British Communist Party – John Foster