In the run up to the 5th edition of the European Forum of left, green and progressive forces, join us for this workshop organised with the Left in the European Parliament addressing access to Covid-19 vaccines and treatments.
No one is safe until everyone is safe. The EU continues to block waiver of Intellectual Property protections for Covid-19 vaccines and treatments, impeding universal access across the world.
The upcoming WTO Ministerial will be a key opportunity to change direction. The Left has a key role in building up pressure to force the EU to lift its veto and to stand up to Big Pharma, reporting record profits.
Hear the experts and policy-makers on this urgent issue and join the debate.
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17 Nov 2021 – 19.00CET
Introduction: Marc Botenga (MEP, PTB, Belgium)
Hervé Chneiweiss (President of the bio-ethic committee of UNESCO, France)
Tania Crombet-Ramos (Clinical Research Director of the Centre of Molecular Immunology of Havana, Cuba)
Leena Menghaney (Global IP Advisor, MSF Access Campaign, India)
Maurice Cassier (Economist and sociologist, research director at CNRS, France)
Conclusion: Emmanuel Maurel (MEP, GRS, France)
Moderation: Charlotte Balavoine, political advisor in the European Parliament
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