12 & 13 April 2023
European Parliament – Brussels

As families and working-class people across Europe are brought to their knees by energy prices, European leaders continue to dither, failing to take action against an unhinged energy market. Caught up in an endless ping-pong between European institutions and member states, the EU is leaving people with the burden of the crisis while the profits of BigEnergy skyrocket.

The Left in the European Parliament has been campaigning for a radical change in the EU energy model and to finally build a system that is based on renewables and under public control.

On the 12th and 13th of April, The Left is organising an event in the European Parliament, bringing together affected communities, researchers, EU representatives, civil society, and trade unions to co-design the roadmap for an energy system that is finally fit for people and the planet.

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This event will be in person. If you can’t be in Brussels, you can still join the Power to the People campaign! Sign up here to receive all the information and participate in the fight for the right to energy!


WEDNESDAY 12/04 | 15-18.30

Interpretation EN/ESP/DE/PT


  1. The future is public (Room ASP 1G2) what would public & democratic ownership of the energy model look like? How do we get there? (Co-facilitator Martha Myers, Corporate Europe Observatory)
  2. Power to the People  (Room SPAAK 1C51)Stepping up social movements & building synergies across movements and radical left parties for a common call and action (Co-facilitator Camille Barbagallo, SunRise Projects)


 THURSDAY 13/04 | 9.00-12.30 – PLENARY

Interpretation EN/ESP/DE/PT/FR, Room ASP 1G2

  Introductory remark: 9.15-35

   Welcome remarks – MEP Martin Schirdewan – Co-chair of The Left in The European Parliament

  1. MEP Sira Rego   
  2. MEP Marisa Matias  
  3. MEP Cornelia Ernst
  4. MEP Marina Mesure


9.40 Panel 1 → Building an alternative energy model

(Restitution in plenary from the 2 workshops of the day before)

  •    Moderating – MEP Cornelia Ernst  
  •   Workshop Power to the People  –  Camille Barbagallo – SunRise Projects
  • Workshop  The future is public  –  Martha Myers -Corporate Europe Observatory

Q&A (20’)

 Coffee break 10.30-11

 11.00 Panel 2 →  The intersectionality of the fight for a just energy model

  • Moderating – MEP Marisa Matias 
  • Decolonising climate action – Kahina Rabahi, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, EAPN 
  • Tax the big polluters – Markus Trilling – Senior Policy and Advocacy officer, Eurodad 
  •  Ecofeminism to save the planet  – Azahara Palomeque, writer and journalist  

Q&A (20’)

 12.00  Conclusions MEP Sira Rego