22 JUN 2022 16:30 – 19.00
European Parliament – Brussels
ASP 1G2 “Manolis Glezos”



The results of successive electoral contests as well as the upcoming battles, the political shifts recorded in a number of countries and the recent developments have created new circumstances, which bring the Left to critical decisions which go further than the traditional elaborations and tools. The way in which Europe’s left parties respond to a number of challenges, the way they manage governmental responsibilities, the strategy of alliances, the interaction with societies and movements, but also the European and global correlations, bring to the fore the need of the Left to adapt to the current conditions.

The event aim to analyse causes of failures and successes of recent years as a contribution to the reflection that concerns the Left Parties.

Languages: EN, FR, ES, EL, DE ,IT


16.30 –  Experience in government

  • Lilyth Verstrynge, Secretary of Organization of Podemos, Spain
  • Eukleides Tsakalotos, former Minister of Economy, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Greece
  • Martina Anderson, former MEP, Sinn Fein, Ireland
  • Kostas Douzinas, Professor on Birkbeck University of London
  • Fabien Perrier, Liberation Journalist, author

17.50 – The challenges ahead

  • Gabi Zimmer, Former MEP Die Linke, former President of GUE/NGL, Germany
  • Manon Aubry, MEP La France Insoumise, Co-president The Left, France
  • Jeremy Corbyn, Former Labour Party leader, UK
  • Luciana Castellina, former MEP, Italy
  • Maria Eugenia Rodriguez Palop, MEP Unidas Podemos, Spain

18.50 Interventions-debates

MEPs, Think Tanks. (Transform!Europe, Nicos Poulantzas, ENA)

– Marisa Matias , MEP, Bloco de Esquerda/Portugal
– Stelios Kouloglou, MEP  SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance/Greece
– Martina Michels – MEP  Die Linke/Germany