European Parliament, Brussels , ASP 1G2
February 1, 2024, 14:30

Continuing the cycle of conferences held in the past years, this initiative aims to promote an exchange of views on the social and political situation in each of our countries, and across Europe. Discussion will focus on how to build an effective Europe of cooperation, social progress and peace – a Europe that serves the interests and aspirations of the workers and the peoples.

The conference will be held with interpretation in DE, EN, FR, EL, ES, PT, CS.


14:30-18h00 Speeches by the guest speakers:

  • Bert de Belder
  • Vera Polycarpou
  • Jan Exner
  • Rikke G.F. Carlsson
  • Kim W. Bilfeldt
  • Vincent Boulet
  • Charlotte Balavoine
  • Gunter Pohl
  • Gyula Thurmer
  • Luca Rodilosso
  • Maurizio Acerbo
  • João Oliveira
  • Marta Martín Moran
  • Jon Rodriguez Forest
  • Judith Cazorla