15 November 2022
Spinelli Room 1G2

Following the European Commission’s proposals on its long-term vision for rural areas, the Left is organising an event to address some of the most pressing challenges that will emerge in the coming years in the Iberian peninsula for the primary sector (agriculture and fisheries). Topics will include the situation of agricultural and seasonal workers and the role of rural women; access to public services and social policies in rural areas and depopulation; and exploitation and extraction of energy sources.

Interpretation: DE, EN, FR, EL, ES, PT


9:00 – 9:30 Introduction. A plan for rural sustainable development: towards a more inhabitable and sustainable Europe

María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop MEP, first vice-chair of the FEMM committee, member of the EMPL and AGRI committees and shadow on the file: a long-term vision for rural areas

Antonia Gamez, Head of D.G. Agriculture, for the Commission Communication “A long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas”


9:30 – 10:45  What is happening in Europe’s rural areas? The primary sector, healthcare and energy

Chair: María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop, MEP


Albert Massot, Research Administrator D.G. for Internal Policies in the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament

Fernando Fernández, D.G Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development in the Balearic Islands A.C. (Spain)

María Dalli Almiñana, Researcher at the Human Rights institute of the University of Valencia (Spain)

Alicia Valero Delgado, Professor at the University of Zaragoza and director of the Industrial Ecology group at the Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption (CIRCE Institute)


11:15 – 12:15 Common Agriculture Policy, impact of the educational reforms and climate change in the rural south

Chair: Marisa Matias, MEP

Inmaculada Idáñez Vargas. State President of the Confederation of Associations of Rural Women (CERES, Spain)

Víctor Bermúdez Torres, Secondary teacher, technical faculty advisor of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, and member of the Extremadura School Council (Spain)

Andreia Galvão, Student and activist of the Student Climate Strike


12:15 – 12:30  Concluding remarks

Marisa Matias, MEP


Atelier 29, Rue de Jacques Lalaing 29, 1000 Bruxelles

15:00 – 17:30  Being a citizen in the “emptied Spain”? Experiences from Extremadura and Andalusia

Chair: María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop, MEP

Documentary Rural Women. The fight for the territory in the South of Europe. Presentation by María Artigas, director of the documentary

Pía Sánchez Fernández, Livestock Network, Spanish Federation of Pastureland (FEDEHESA), Platform for extensive livestock farming and pastoralism, Association of Livestock Farms of the Iberian Peninsula and Maghreb (ALE-JAB)

Edvard Martín Sousa Holm, National Association of Ethical Food Producers

Miguel Ángel Sánchez Rafael, Relief platform in the Comarcal hospital of Llerena, Badajoz (Spain)

Manuel Aguilar de la Cruz, NoToMacroRenewables, Citizen’s platform for the defense of the Becerro mountain range, Seville (Spain)