European Parliament ASP 1G2

Deforestation is a global problem which the EU plays a role in fuelling. The climate crisis, and the increase in risk of forest fires, makes urgent EU action to tackle it.

Simultaneous interpretation in FR, PT, EN and CZ





Opening: Martin Schirdewan MEP, GUE/NGL Co-president

Introduction – Kateřina Konečná MEP

Deforestation and SDG´s – Anahita Yousefi, Rainforest Foundation Norway 


The EU is part of the problem – Introduction by the moderator – João Ferreira MEP

Biofuels – Laura Buffet, Transport & Environment 

Supply chains and Investments – Giulia Bondi, Global Witness

Deforestation related consumption in EU states – Sini Erajaa, Greenpeace 

The EU is part of the solution – Introduction by the moderator – Clare Daly MEP

Restoring European Forests – Rui Baião, Leader of the National Federation of Baldios

EU market – Clotilde Henriot, ClientEarth

EU plan on deforestation – Indra Van Gisbergen, Fern

Conclusion –  Mick Wallace MEP