The new Asylum and Migration Pact puts at its center increased cooperation with third countries to prevent people from reaching safety in the European Union, externalising border control at land and sea. With Denmark’s law outsourcing asylum to third countries, this has taken a new dimension that we did not expect to happen in the EU. The hearing will also look at EU’s strategy so far, whether EU’s silence over rights violations in Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco, EU’s push to criminalise internal mobility and migration destabilising local economies as we have seen in Niger or conditioning aid as we have seen with Afghanistan. This hearing will aim at hearing from experts and key stakeholders.




 9.00: Introduction by Cornelia Ernst, MEP, LIBE Left coordinator (Die Linke, Germany)


9.10-10.30: EU’s externalisation of borders: putting the issue into perspective

 Moderator: Malin Björk, MEP (Left Party, Sweden)

  • Asher Hirsch, Refugee Council of Australia, Australia (remote)
  • Dr. Violeta Moreno-Lax, Queen Mary University of London
  • Sara Prestianni, Euromed rights
  • Mark Akkerman, Stop Wapenhandel and Transnational institute


10.30-11.00: break – press conference for the release of the second edition for the black book, location: EP Press room


11.00-12.30: EU’s externalisation in key countries

 Moderator: Anne-Sophie Pelletier, MEP (France Insoumise, France)

  • Milena Zajovic, Border Violence Monitoring Network (on Balkans)
  • Sophie Scheytt, Seawatch (on EU’s cooperation with Libyan coast guards)
  • Artemis Akbary, Afghan LGBT (on Turkey)
  • Fatou Faye, Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung (on Senegal) (remote)
  • Omar Naji, AMDH (on Morocco)
  • Muhammad al-Kashef, Migreurop and Alarmphone (on Egypt)