GUE/NGL Initiative

‘Post-Brexit: Towards A United Ireland?’

6 March 2019

GUE Group Room ASP 1G2, European Parliament

16.30- 16.45 Opening by Mary Lou MacDonald, Sinn Fein Presidenet

16.45 – 17.00 The “National Question” for beginners: Paddy Cullivan, comedian.

17.00-18.00 Panel discussion: ‘Brexit: a catalyst for Irish Unity?’

Chair: Shona Murray


Kevin Meagher

Gillian Hammill

Eilisha McCallion MP

Peter Shirlow

18.00-18.15 Lessons on Unification – An analysis of German unification Martin Schirdewan MEP (requested)

18.15-19.15 Panel Discussion: ‘Irish Unity, a progressive demand’

Chair: Brian Maguire


John Douglas

Dawn Foster

Matt Carthy MEP

Jonathan Shafi

19.30 Close by Michelle O Neill, Sinn Fein Vice-President