Progressive Policies for Growth and Employment

Progressive Policies for Growth and Employment

What policy measures can put Europe on a different developmental trajectory where job creation and equitable growth takes center stage?

What are the causes of falling wage share and what are the prospects for Growth with equality?

What are the positive consequences of development to national and European economy along with the access to social protection and the sustainable development goals?


This Conference is a joint event by our Members of the Committee on Employment and the Committee on Economics and Monetary Affairs.

You are most welcome.
Online-participation: LINK will follow.


09.30-09.40            Introductory Remarks by MEP Martin Schirdewan, Co-President of THE LEFT


09.40-11.00            Panel I: Progressive Policies for Inclusive Growth 

Chair: MEP Dimitrios Papadimoulis, Vice-President of the European Parliament, ECON & BUDG Committees, THE LEFT

Prof. Arne Heise, University of Hamburg, Author of the study on a New EU Economic Framework

MEP Jose Gusmao, ECON Committee Coordinator & EMPL Committee, THE LEFT

MEP Evelyn Regner, FEMM, ECON & EMPL Committees, S&D (tbc)

MEP Bas Eikhout, ECON, ENVI & BUDG Committees, The Greens/EFA (tbc)



11.00-12.30            Panel II: Progressive Policies for High-Level and Full Employment 

Chair: MEP Kostas Arvanitis, EMPL & LIBE Committees, THE LEFT

MEP Nikolaj Villumsen, EMPL Committee Coordinator, THE LEFT Coordinator

Mrs Efi Achtsioglou, ex-Minister of Labour and Member of Parliament, SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Greece

Mrs Esther Lynch, Vice-General Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation

Participation of Spanish official* (tbc)