Apr 22, 2021 04:00 PM

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The 8 working hour day is a century year old demand, achieved in many countries through the workers struggle. Associated with this demand is the workers right to have rest and leisure time. The technological developments should contribute to reduce the working hours. Instead, in recent years, there has been an overall tendency to deregulate work and even increase the working hours, attacking labour rights, increasing the precarious working conditions and the exploitation of workers. The EU and its policies have contributed to this deregulation of labour laws and working hours. The current health situation and the assault on labour rights imposed in several countries has aggravated this scenario with severe consequences for the workers. A different approach is needed, one of social progress, taking advantage of the technological breakthroughs, to regulate and reduce working hours, without pay loss, while improving the work and living rights and conditions of the workers.

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16h00 – 18h00
Moderation – João Ferreira – MEP
Sandra Pereira – MEP
Özlem Demirel – MEP
Nadia Moscufo – PTB MP at the Belgium Chamber of Representatives
Andreia Araújo – CGTP-IN
Manuel Bravo – FIEQUIMETAL
João Coelho – STAL
Milena Barbosa – INTERJOVEM
Joel Moriano – The Left policy advisor
Jerónimo Sousa – PCP