This event will bring together self-organised refugee & migrant groups from all over Europe and put their voices at the heart of political debates. The origin of the idea comes from the Lampedusa Group in Hamburg that asked the GUE/NGL group to support their struggles, provide space for them to meet and present their work and talk about the realities they experience on the ground. the event aims tp empower them to network and issue common political demands.


GUE/NGL Hearing 'Refugee & Migrant Parliament'

9:00 – 13:00, European Parliament, Room: ASP1G2

Interpretation will be provided in: English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic & Dari



8:15 – 8:30  Registration

 Registration for the hearing (Esplanade Louise Weiss, in front of the European Parliament, next to Place Luxembourg)

Participants who do not already have a badge to enter the European Parliament need to register. There will be people with posters for the event that will give you the badges you need. Please bring an identification document with you as you will be asked to show it at the entrance.


9:00 – 9:20  Welcome & Introduction

Welcome introduction: Cornelia Ernst, LIBE GUE/NGL coordinator 

Concept of Refugee & Migrant Parliament: Ali Ahmed Abitalib & Tahir Kheirkhah, Lampedusa Group Hamburg


9:20 – 11.00  Panel 1: Struggle for fundamental rights and against exploitation


Anzoumane Sissoko, CISPM Network, France

Tracey Ayero, Stichting Out & Proud, Netherlands

Ali Alasan, Lampedusa in Hamburg

Siliman Musse & Abu Moro, Sfruttazero, Italy


Cornelia Ernst, MEP, GUE/NGL


11:00 – 12:45  Panel 2: Challenging European responsibility on Migration and Asylum


Abdul Hakim Hamaidi, World Hazara Council

Anna Zobnina, European Network of Migrant Women

Yonous Muhammadi, Greek Forum of Refugees

Resolution working group spokesperson


Marie-Christine Vergiat, MEP, GUE/NGL


12:45 – 13.00  Group photograph


13:00 Lunch break


Workshops and follow-up of panel discussions

14:00 – 18:00, European Parliament, multiple rooms (details below)


Workshop 1. Building alliances and next step of RISE NETWORK

(Yonous Muhammadi, RISE Network)

Location: Willy Brandt (WB)    2nd floor        Room 02M003          (16 places)


Workshop 2. Failure of the west in fighting terrorism and bringing democracy and human rights to Afghanistan

(Akram Gizabi, World Hazara Council) 

Location: Paul-Henri Spaak      5th floor         Room P5A033           (30 places)


Workshop 3.  Alliances of refugee networks – what we learned, ideas for the next Refugee & Migrant Parliament

(Lampedusa Group & CISPM Network)

Location: Paul-Henri Spaak      5th floor         Room P5C088           (16 places)


Workshop 4. Refugee women’s assembly

(Anna Zobnina, European Network of Migrant Women)

Location: Willy Brandt (WB)    3rd floor         Room 03M068          (16 places)


Workshop 5. Refugee camps of Africa: Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Chad

(Ali Ahmed Abitalib, Lampedusa in Hambourg)

Location: Willy Brandt (WB)    7th floor         Room 07M007          (12 places)


Workshop 6.  N.N.
Location: Paul-Henri Spaak     1st floor      Room P1C047      (31 places)


Participating refugee & migrant organisations from 16 countries:

Afghan women’s org (Sweden)
African communities (Malta)
ARRiVATi (Germany)
Burundian community in Greece 
CISPM Belgium
CISPM France
CISPM Germany
European Network of Migrant Women (Ireland)
Flüchtlingshilfe Österreich
Girls for Girls / Female Fellows e.V. (Germany)
Greek Forum of Refugees
European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)
Lampedusa in Hamburg (Germany) 
Migrant Voice Britain (UK)
Mosaicorefugees (Italy)
Self-organized migrant domestic workers (Belgium)
SfruttaZero Bari (Italy)
Sindicato de Manteros y Lateros de Madrid/Street vendors (Spain) 
Swedish Syrian Association 
Syrian volunteers in Madrid (Spain)
Tschobe for freedom (Germany)
Ung i Sverige / Young in Sweden
União de Refugiados em Portugal URE
Verdensborgere samfunn VBS (Norway)
Voix des migrants Lille (France)
We Are Here in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
World Hazara Council (WHC)

For more information: [email protected]


Register by Sunday 14th of October: