European Parliament, Brussels, room ASP 1G2

Thursday, 30th January: 08:30 – 11:00

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The CAP regulates the biggest share of the EU budget. Its reform is a major stake of this starting legislature and there can be no Green Deal bypassing it. While accumulating reports are pointing out both alarming situations (farmers’ revenues, climate change, biodiversity loss, animal mistreatments, food scarcity, health issues, etc.) and the inefficiency of the current CAP with regard to its objectives, the European Commission only came up with a marginal reform. A deep transformation is necessary. This initiative is the opportunity to shed public light on alternative proposals for the CAP, discuss different national experiences and possible policy responses. It is also an opportunity to focus on agricultural issues ahead of the plenary vote on the CAP reform package in mid-2020.



08:30 – Introduction

MEP Manon Aubry – co-president of GUE/NGL


08:45 – First panel: Fairer CAP (social and economic aspects of CAP)

Moderation: MEP Luke Ming Flanagan

Nicolas Girod – Confédération paysanne

Stavros Arachovitis – Greek MP & former Greek Minister of Agriculture

Short debate & conclusions


09:30 – Second panel: Climate & environment (environmental aspects of CAP)

Moderation: MEP Petros Kokkalis

Marco Contiero – Greenpeace EU agriculture policy director

Concha Salguero – NGO Asociación Trashumancia y Naturaleza

Pierre-Marie Aubertresearcher at the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI)

Short debate & conclusions


10:30 – Third panel: Animal welfare

Moderation: MEP Anja Hazekamp

Jasmin Zöllmer – German Animal Protection Organization PROVIEH

Short debate & conclusions


10:55 – Conclusion

MEP Manuel Bompard