07/12/2021 – 11.00 CET

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Who benefits from the sealing off of Europe? What is the relationship between the security industry, the arms industry and EU decision-makers? And how does the technologisation of the EU border regime affect people who have to flee to Europe?

“EU Border Regime: Profiteering from Dehumanisation & Mythologised Technologies” is a study commissioned by the Left in the European Parliament and authored by militarisation and migration researcher Jacqueline Andres.

The research exposes which companies are benefiting from the increased technologisation of the EU border regime, highlighting the profits made by major defence companies, consultancies, and IT multinationals. The study uncovers the work of defence industry lobby groups in Brussels, their relationship with EU decision-makers, and highlights how the technologisation of EU borders is impacting people seeking safety in Europe.

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