27 SEPT 2023 | 14:30-17:30
European Parliament, Brussels

Artificial intelligence holds the possibility to transform almost every aspect of our lives.
Beyond the great opportunities for citizens, business, the environment, democracy and security, there remains the need to address critical challenges:

  • The impact on the labor market
  • Fundamental rights
  • Misinformation
  • The growing overconcentration of tech giants
  • Transparency in the operation and distribution of digital resources and dealing with revolving doors and conflicts of interest
  • The access of journalists and researchers to critical data and the social responsibility of gatekeepers

This event brings together tech experts, politicians and civil society to highlight the real opportunities and prospects as well as the risks of artificial intelligence today and in the future. It will also address the critical issue of the European response to a common comprehensive regulatory framework that will go beyond developments around the world and ensure openness and transparency.


Panel 1
Sachiko MUTO – Open Forum – (Applied AI/Openness)
Antonios KALOGEROPOULOS – Free University of Brussels / Reuters Institute – (AI and Disinformation/Newsrooms of the Future)
Theodoros KAROUNOS – Hellenic Open Technologies Organization (ELLAK) – (Influence of AI in the citizen’s relationship with public administration)
Antoinette ROUVROY – University of Namur – (Intellectual Property and AI)

Panel 2
Cathelijne MULLER- ALLAI – (Transparency and ethics on AI)
Stefanos LOUKOPOULOS – Vouliwatch – (Big Tech, Concentration, Transparency)
Panagiotis SKEVOFYLAX – ENA Institute for Alternative Policies
Despina MITROPOULOU – International University of Greece – (20 Use cases of AI)
Lorena JAUME PALASI – The Ethical Tech Society – (ΑΙ and Fundamental Rights/Social Impact)

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The event will be streamed here.

Interpretation in EN, EL, FR, DE, CS