21 & 22 February 2024
European Parliament – Brussels – Spinelli 1G2


The Transnational Forum of Alternatives to Uberisation #4 will bring together more than 100 workers, lawyers, trade unionists and Uberisation experts from across the European Union and around the world.
With the European Union having recently adopted an agreement on the Platform Workers Directive, this forum will be an opportunity to discuss the ongoing fight within European and national institutions –and outside them– against platforms’ intensive lobbying efforts to deregulate the sector.


Le Forum transnational des alternatives à l’uberisation #4 réunira plus de 100 travailleurs, juristes, syndicalistes et experts de l’ubérisation de toute l’Union européenne et du monde entier.
Alors que l’Union européenne vient d’adopter un accord sur la directive travailleurs de plateformes, ce forum aura pour objectif d’organiser la suite de la lutte à mener au cœur des institutions européennes, nationales, et en dehors, afin de peser dans le rapport de force face au lobbying intensif des plateformes.

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DAY 1 – WEDNESDAY 21st February 2024

14:00 Meeting point in front of the European Parliament for accreditations

15:00 Introduction by MEP Leïla Chaibi

An update on the directive on improving working conditions in platform work

15:20 Presentation of the spanish fight for platform workers’ rights MEP Maria-Eugenia Rodriguez Palop

15.30 Presentation of the european workers fight for the directive – Jérémy Wick (rider)

15:40 What shared future for the platform workers network? Animation by Felipe Corredor and Camille Peeters

  • Position and questions on the directive 
  • Presentation of the situation in each organisation / each countries
  • Proposed organisation for the future

18:00 Presentation of TAS, Observatory of work, algorithm and society (5min)

18:05 Presentation of European GIG-OSH project, focusing on occupational health and safety in the platform economy 

18:15 Conclusions of the first day 


DAY 2 – THURSDAY 22nd February 2024

Transnational Forum of Alternatives to Uberisation #4



09:00 Welcome by MEP Leïla Chaibi 

09:05 Introduction by MEP Idoia Villanueva

09:15 Meet the human workers behind artificial intelligence

  • Chair: Dr. Paola Tubaro, centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
  • Kauna Malgwi Ibrahim, former content moderator for Facebook at Sama, Kenya
  • Noraly Guevara, micro-worker, Spain
  • Sakine, online content moderator, Germany
  • Dr. Jonas Valente, Fairwork Project, Oxford Internet Institute

10:45 Statement from Hervé Street (Chairman of the association for the defence of transport subcontractors and employees) and Mar Jiménez (Las Kellys)

10:55  Conclusion by MEP Leïla Chaibi

11:45 Demonstration “Don’t let Uber make the law” and press conference at Place du Luxembourg