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Enhedslisten is the Red/Green Alliance in Denmark.

The Red-Green Alliance is a democratic socialist party with the aim of combining politics for social change with politics for solving the great climate problems both on a national and european level.

The Red-Green Alliance aims to create a better society for the benefit of ordinary people. In such a society, democracy will encompass the entire society, including the economy, and solidarity will include everybody. We hold that people and the environment will take precedence over market and profit considerations. We believe that decisions should be made as closely to the citizens as possible, and that change should come from below. We believe that greater equality is the core of ensuring a sustainable and democratic society to the benefit of man as well as our planet.

The Red-Green Alliance was formed in 1989 by three left-wing parties: the Left Socialist Party, the Communist Party of Denmark and the Socialist Workers Party, and by independent socialists.

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