GUE/NGL backs Parliament’s 1st reading position on GMOs after debate in ENVI committee

“The Council's common position on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) contains too many possible loopholes leaving legal attacks from biotech companies too real a possibility”, said GUE/NGL MEP Lynn Boylan (Sinn Féin) during a debate in the Environment Committee on the issue with the Italian Presidency.


She questioned the fact that the Council chose Article 114 on the internal market as the legal basis for its common position instead of Article 192 on town and country planning and land use.


Ms Boylan said: “The text requires improvement mainly in the fields of risk assessment which needs strengthening, cross-border dissemination where I propose generous buffer zones between areas which have banned GM cultivation and those which haven't.”


In addition she proposed enlarging the grounds justifying the restriction or prohibition of GMOs on the territory of a member state by adding the protection of biodiversity and human or animal health.


She further stated her intention to table amendments to improve the text and protect member states' right to ban GM cultivation and consumer rights in the face of biotech companies.