GUE/NGL strongly condemns yesterday's statements by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as well as the inhumane and degrading treatment of refugees by Hungarian police in the town of Bicske.

“The violent disembarkation of the train full of refugees yesterday and the building of the fence at the border with Serbia show the disastrous failure of the Dublin regulation. This is a disgrace in view of all the refugees risking their lives to come to Europe.

“But this is not only about Orban. For too long some EU heads of state have used nationalist, chauvinistic propaganda spreading lies and fear of migrants for their own populist gains. Today these leaders are playing the helpless victims of an unsustainable situation created by their very own actions.

“This game must end. Each member state has to fulfil its international obligations for an EU migration policy based on solidarity, humanity and dignity.

“We urgently need to open safe and legal access for migrants and asylum-seekers, suspend the Dublin regulation and carry out a massive and robust proactive multinational rescue operation in the Mediterranean.

“Additionally we need the financial means so that small local authorities are not left to deal with welcoming refugees on the budget of a small town.

“If we cannot receive people who fled their homes because of misery and war with dignity, we are undermining the fundamental values this Union is built on.”


GUE/NGL Press Contact:

Gay Kavanagh +32 473 84 23 20

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