Speaking in the European Parliament this morning on the issue of the EU amending budgets for 2013 and 2014, GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer stated that the GUE/NGL cannot accept the pressure being put on Parliament from Council and the Commission on the budget negotiations.

She commented: “The GUE/NGL will only agree to a supplementary budget to compensate for the missing EUR 2.7 billion if the EU member states guarantee the promised additional payment of EUR 3.9 billion which is supposed to reduce the 2013 deficit. This EUR 3.9 billion must be paid. But without this guarantee the EP cannot take a decision.”

“Unless we get a written promise from the Council that they will fulfil their obligations we will be voting against,” said Gabi Zimmer. “We don't accept the pressure being put on Parliament. We are responsible to the citizens, and we need to keep our promises on education, unemployment, and social concerns.”

“Our Group position is clear: adopting the Council's so-called 'amending budget 6' would be making an unacceptable concession to the Council. We are categorically opposed to attempts by the member state governments in Council to blackmail Parliament!”

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European United Left / Nordic Green Left
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