GUE/NGL condemns Juncker’s direct interference in Greek politics

Greek GUE/NGL MEP Dimitrios Papadimoulis has condemned the European Commission for its blatant interference in Greek politics.

He said: “What specific article of the European treaties gives the Commission, or any other official or institution of the EU, the right to interfere in the political situation of member states, and additionally, to make statements expressing their political preferences about this situation?

“Mr. Juncker has no right to behave like a modern John Peurifoy. If he ever dared to make such an intervention ahead of upcoming elections in the United Kingdom or in Germany, he could not stand by his position, not even for 24 hours.

“The denouncement of such 'raw' interventions is a matter of national dignity and democracy.”

Addressing Mr Juncker directly, he added: “Do your views constitute an official position of the European Commission, and if so, what were the procedures for this decision and what was the position taken by other member states?”