GUE/NGL’s EuroLat members acknowledge the presidential elections in Venezuela where more than 9 million citizens participated under peaceful circumstances. 

This important democratic accomplishment – which took place with respect to the Venezuelan Constitution, as well as an agreement between the four presidential candidates – was witnessed by more than 200 international electoral observers from all continents (amongst them, the former Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Zapatero and two GUE/NGL members), thus validating the transparency of the process. 

The results were an expression of popular support for the Bolivarian process, with the re-election of Nicolas Maduro Moros by 68% of the votes.

These elections were held under difficult circumstances with increasing economic and financial blockade and sanctions imposed by the USA and the EU, which have worsened the economic and social situation in the country. In addition, the vote came amidst attempts to stifle the expression of Venezuelan people’s free will including an explicit boycott of the elections by parts of the opposition which called for mass abstention, and with the pre-announcements of non-recognition of the elections by the US administration and the European Union. The latter constitutes a violation of the principle of non-interference in sovereign states as enshrined in the UN Charter. Such actions do not help with finding the political solutions necessary for overcoming the difficult situation the country faces.

GUE/NGL’s EuroLat members condemn all attempts to question the legitimacy of the Venezuelan elections (namely, on the account of the abstention – a hypocritical approach when we recall the participation of the European Parliament in the elections back in 2014) and call on the EU and its member states to take a responsible stand in accordance with the principles of non-interference, respecting both the independence and sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as the will of the people had expressed in the polls.

GUE/NGL further condemns an increase in the suffocating sanctions that the US announced on 21st May 2018, and the stated intentions by the EU to proceed likewise. Such actions will result in a worsening of the economic and social situation of the country at the expense of its people.

GUE/NGL also welcomes the call for a nationwide dialogue which has been put forward by the re-elected President of Venezuela straight after the vote.

GUENGL is aware of the difficult political situation that Venezuela is facing and encourage the opposition to resume dialogue.

GUE/NGL’s EuroLat members reaffirm their solidarity with the struggle of the Venezuelan workers and people who have a right to freely and peacefully decide their own destiny, and for their aspirations to build a country of justice, social progress, development and cooperation.

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