GUE/NGL MEP Stefan Eck has denounced a decision by Commissioner Phil Hogan to allocate 15 million euros to a campaign to promote meat consumption amongst EU citizens at an event in the Parliament yesterday to mark World Food Day on 16th October. 

The theme for this year’s World Food Day is ‘Climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too’. According to estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, livestock contributes to nearly two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions and 78 percent of methane emissions in the agriculture sector.  

Addressing the audience, the German MEP called on the Commissioner in charge of agriculture and rural development to relinquish his role:

“There is already enough scientific evidence against meat consumption and its dreadful impact on climate change and public health.  Yet, the Commissioner ignores these facts. This shows he is not fit for the role.”

Eck also criticised other MEPs who attended the event for their part in continuing to promote the failed model enshrined in the EU’s Common Agriculture Policy:

“This dreadful debate doesn’t address the real issues. I still recall that some of you laughed at me during my maiden addresses to this Parliament on the connection between intensive livestock farming and climate change. Me, the vegetarian! Well, here we are again – talking about the same issue! ,” concluded the MEP.

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