The Renewables Progress Report reviews the achievements in the development of renewables for the year 2020, which laid down binding national and European targets for 20% of renewables in final energy consumption.

This comes ahead of the new Directive for Renewable Energy which will then set the targets for 2030.

“It is important to send a clear message on the failures of the existing system, which has not been sufficient to prevent a significant number of countries to introduce energy policies that harm renewable production”, Paloma López stressed in reference to the number of European nations which are either lagging behind in meeting renewable targets or have failed altogether. “Higher ambition towards 2030 and beyond is fundamental to achieve sustained progress”.

Commenting on the vote in which right-wing MEPs attempted to water down protection for workers' rights and related social issues, Paloma López said,

“We believe that the report provides the key to the development of renewable energy: namely a stronger role for public authorities and collective forms of renewable energy production”.

López, however, remains positive for the future especially with regards to what this progress report means in terms of democratising energy production,

“We regret that the right-wing forces curtailed the democratic potential of the renewables energy transition, but workers' representatives participation in planning and the endorsement of the right to self-production and self-consumption represent positive steps forward in this aspect”.

Paloma López will be holding a press conference to explain her report on May 25, 2016 at 09.30 in the European Parliament Press Room, Brussels, PHS 0A50. Interpretation available in English, French and Spanish.


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