During the debate on the situation in Syria in the European Parliament this morning, GUE/NGL MEPs called for an immediate end to the bombing and an embargo on arms sales to conflict zones.

Sabine Lösing, GUE/NGL coordinator on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Subcommittee on Security and Defence, said:  “In 2012, voices from the US administration were already warning against the possible consequences of militarization of the former protest movement against the Syrian ruler Assad. And this is exactly what happened. And with active support, even from the West.

“More recently a 2012 US intelligence report was made public. It forecast the emergence of the “Islamic State”. The real scandal is that the report says very clearly that this development corresponds to the interests of Turkey, Saudi Arabia as well as the West in order to isolate Assad. Anything was acceptable to overthrow Assad – even the strengthening of radical Islamist forces.

“The Left in the European Parliament requests that any bombing in Syria be terminated immediately with or without a UN mandate. Peace cannot be achieved by bombing, regardless of who throws the bombs.”

Spanish MEP Javier Couso said: “From the outset we denounced the financing, training and provision of arms to terrorist groups in order to topple governments and that is illegal internationally. But some people are indifferent to international law. You may not like it but Russian intervention is legitimate because it comes at the request of a government.”

For Portuguese MEP Marisa Matias: “For the nth time, we have to ask will there be concerted action by the EU institutions and governments not just to condemn what's happening but to bring about a moratorium on the sale of arms to conflict zones or buying oil from the Islamic State. This is where our responsibility lies.”


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