The Committee on Environment, Food Safety & Public Health (ENVI) formally objected today to the re-authorisation by the European Commission of the herbicide 'glyphosate'.  A majority of the ENVI members supported this objection (36 in favour, 6 against and 18 abstentions), which was co-signed by the GUE/NGL group, and voted this morning.

“The re-authorisation of glyphosate for another 15 years, as proposed by the European Commission, is irresponsible and unacceptable. Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides in Europe. It ends up in our food, in our water and in our environment. There are many indications that the substance is dangerous for human and animal health and that it has harmful environmental impacts, such as pollution of ground and surface waters,” comments Kateřina Konečná, coordinator for GUE/NGL on the committee.

Dutch GUE/NGL MEP Anja Hazekamp, who had already proposed an objection to the re-authorisation last year, is glad that the ENVI committee has now taken up the concerns of the GUE/NGL group. Hazekamp strongly criticises the European Commission for proposing a new long-term authorisation. “With this decision the European Commission fails to protect the health of humans, animals and the environment. Member states and more than 1 million citizens have already expressed their concerns over the re-authorisation. We will use all possible means to prevent the European Commission from contaminating our environment for another 15 years,” says Hazekamp. 

German GUE/NGL MEP Stefan Eck also involved in recent objections, adds: “Glyphosate definitely causes major health risks to animals. According to IARC, [the World Health Organisation agency specialised in cancer which assessed all existing scientific studies on glyphosate,] there is enough scientific evidence to define this herbicide as carcinogenic in animals.  Humans are also exposed to major health risks by the widespread use of glyphosate. In this case, the precautionary principle should be fully respected!”


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