Three GUE/NGL MEPS – Marie-Christine Vergiat (France), Takis Hadjigeorgiou (Cyprus) and Miguel Urban (Spain) currently on a three-day visit to Turkey – denounce the fact that they were refused permission to monitor the situation in the Sur district in Diyarbakir, South East Turkey.

They were also disappointed that the Governor of Diyarbakir was unable to meet them due to a very busy schedule.

The Sur district in Diyarbakir is currently under curfew and is undergoing strong attacks by the Turkish military and police. The aim of the meeting with the Governor was to ask him to authorise the release of the people who are trapped in this conflict, including many women and children.

These children include: 1. Elif Su Aslan 4 months-old; Özgür Aslan 3 years-old; Muazzez Aslan 4 years-old; Rojda Aslan 7 years-old; Gülistan Aslan 11 years-old; Beritan Tosun 2 years-old; Şerife Tosun 10 years-old;  Ruken …. 4 years-old;  Berfin …. 4 years-old; Kadir Şahin 11 years-old; Furkan Dağ 11 years- old; and Mehmet Karacadağ 14 years-old.

The delegation has already met with Alevi MPs (CHP and HDP) who showed them around the Gazi Cemevi district  as well as with members of the families of Yilmaz Özturk and Dilek Dogan. The also met with several academics who signed a petition titled “We Will Not Be Accomplices to This Crime”.

The three GUE/NGL MEPs will meet the press on Tuesday 8th March at 17:30 in the press room in Strasbourg to report on their visit to Turkey. 

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