As the fight against austerity continues across Europe, eight GUE/NGL MEPs* will take part in the Athens Alter Summit this weekend.

The two-day Alter Summit takes place this Friday and Saturday (7-8 June) and will see civil society organisations, social movements, trade unions and NGOs from all across Europe come together to develop joint agendas for action to stop EU leaders' continued neoliberal onslaught.

Just before the Alter Summit starts, the GUE/NGL delegation will hold an exchange of views between social movements, networks and political forces on the link between austerity measures and the external economic policies of the EU. It will take place in the Olympic Stadium (Room 6, Interviews Hall of Olympic Natatorium) on Friday 7 June at 14:00.

THE GUE/NGL MEPs will continue to fight for a reversal of austerity policies and for a move towards economic and social policies that will deliver growth, solidarity and job creation and that ensure taxpayers no longer have to foot the bill for reckless financial gambling.

For more info:

GUE/NGL Press contact in Athens:

Emily Macintosh +32 470 85 05 08
[email protected]

*Participating MEPs and the main issues they are dealing with:

Gabi Zimmer (Die Linke-Germany), President of the GUE/NGL Group:
Gender issues/ Free movement of people/ Development and Environment

Marie- Christine Vergiat (Front de Gauche-France):
External debt/ Migration/ European foreign policies

Søren Bo Sondergaard (Folebevaegelsen mod EU- Denmark):
Fortress Europe/ Trade unions/ Social policies

Paul Murphy (Socialist Party – Ireland):
International trade/ Changes in Arab world/ Palestine

Nikolaos Chountis (Syriza – Greece):
Alternatives to austerity/ Economic issues

Marisa Matias (Bloco de Esquerda – Portugal):
Economic policies/ Alternatives to austerity/ Health issues

Helmut Scholz (Die Linke-Germany):
International affairs/International trade

Jürgen Klute (Die Linke-Germany):
Economic affairs

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