MEPs from Parliament's left-wing GUE/NGL group cross-examined candidate for the Commission Presidency Jean Claude Juncker on his priorities for the job over the next five years and expressed doubts about his record as Eurogroup Chair from 2005-2013.

GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer said: “Juncker's priorities do not match our vision for the EU's future. While he seemed to criticise some of the stifling policies pursued by EU leaders – such as the undemocratic nature of troika – in recent years, he was not willing to abandon it and shied away from proposing a real departure from these failures. This is simply not good enough when ending austerity with its devastating impact on millions of citizens is clearly the key challenge of our times. We also sought assurances on the TTIP trade agreement currently being negotiated but were disappointed with the responses received.”

During the hearing, Juncker also faced tough examination over austerity, immigration, transparency, and privacy among other issues and failed to answer several key questions.

Parliament decides on the issue of the Commission President on 15th July next week in Strasbourg.

The GUE/NGL group is made up of 52 MEPs from across Europe working for peace, solidarity, social justice, equality, democracy and human rights in Europe and beyond. It is the only gender balanced group in the European Parliament, with 26 women and 26 men.

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