Händel asked the Commission to inform the Parliament about the main findings on the correct implementation of the Youth Guarantee scheme so as to provide timely and necessary input for the debate on the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) that is due to start soon.

“The Youth Guarantee scheme and the Youth Employment Initiative are both essential tools in fighting youth unemployment. There is work being done to this end but it has yet to have full effect and more is urgently needed”.



“Financial support and oversight can be provided at EU level but member states need a stronger role,” he added.



“We are losing an entire generation and an entire generation is losing its faith in the European Union,” the German MEP concluded.



Spanish MEP Tania González Peñas raised concern about inequalities between member states:


“On the one hand, the countries that most need funds to fight youth unemployment are those who have the least funds. On the other hand, governments such as the Spanish state have shown little or no interest in implementing these measures”.


González Peñas recognised that employment promotion policies do not create jobs on their own and they need the member states to use these funds properly:


“Now it is up to the Commission to decide whether to extend funding to combat youth unemployment or not. We hope that those who speak of a European pillar of social rights remember that we must solve the problems of those people who elected us”, she concluded.



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