Gabi Zimmer, President of GUE/NGL in the European Parliament, warmly congratulated the pro-Kurdish HDP for their result in yesterday's Turkish parliamentary elections.

“With more than 13 percent of the vote, HDP clearly passed the 10 per cent threshold and succeeded in taking seats in the Turkish Parliament. Their progressive programme and campaigning reached far more than just Kurdish voters. We warmly congratulate the campaigners and the co-chairs of the HDP for this great success. In particular, we are very pleased for our comrade Feleknas Uca, a former GUE/NGL MEP, who will now join the HDP in the Turkish Parliament.”

Gabi Zimmer continued: “Erdogan is the definite loser in this election. He and his conservative AKP party have failed to reach their goal to get a constitutional amending majority in order to introduce an authoritarian presidential system. This project has been clearly rejected by the Turkish electorate.”

On the issue of the increasing repression by AKP and its followers against journalists and political opponents, Gabi Zimmer said: “AKP ran a smear campaign against the HDP and their campaigners and, in doing so, fuelled a dangerous atmosphere and provoked resentment. Erdogan lacked respect towards democratic values ​​and the Turkish Constitution by not remaining neutral as president and by openly speaking out in favour of an AKP government. This is why many Turkish people voted against him. Despite an intense atmosphere, the elections were mainly peaceful and respectful of democratic values as was also confirmed by our MEP Martina Michels who observed the elections in Diyarbakir on behalf of the GUE/NGL. This election result is a great success for democracy, the Kurdish peace process, the coexistence of the different ethnic groups, and women's rights in Turkey.”

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