Brussels 19/06/15


President of the GUE/NGL Group Gabi Zimmer congratulated the Red-Green Alliance for the very good results in yesterday's parliamentary election in Denmark: “This result shows that many people in Denmark ask for a progressive force on the left side of the Social Democrats. The Red-Green Alliance proved that fighting for social justice, workers' rights, and environmental protection is a top priority for many people who do not want to accept the neoliberal ideology of free trade and competitiveness. We warmly congratulate our friends and comrades, all the campaigners and supporters for this success, increasing the election result of the Red-Green Alliance by more than 30 per cent compared to the last election.”

Commenting on the rise of the extreme-right Danish Peoples' Party and the altering of the political landscape in Denmark, Gabi Zimmer said: “It is high time for all progressive and social forces, not only in Denmark but in Europe, to take our responsibility and stand up against the discriminatory, backward-looking and nationalist policies of the right in Europe. Failed austerity policies and the ongoing crisis cause fears and insecurities among people in Europe and push many people into the arms of right-wing populists who use migrants and poor people as scapegoats for social and economic problems. It is down to us to show that policies based on the principle of solidarity, social and environmental standards, and investment in sustainable development are the only way to solve the ongoing crisis.”

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