A statement by GUE/NGL President Gabi Zimmer on the results of the French presidential elections: 

“Our thanks to the majority of French voters who today took a decisive stand against the National Front and their racist ideology, against the despicable ideas of the wealthy Le Pen clan and against an extreme-right President for France.”

“French voters have ensured that minorities and migrants, people who look, think or love differently than what the National Front wants, will not have to fear social exclusion and systematic discrimination by the presidency during the next five years.”

“Emmanuel Macron must take heed of the growing split in French society and in the European Union; a split that for years has been exploited by right-wing extremists and nationalist groups. He has to close the gap between rich and poor, city and countryside, natives and migrants. To continue neoliberalism is not at all the answer.” 

“At the EU level, Macron must take a stand against neoliberalism, failed austerity policies and destructive social and economic imbalances. Without a social and democratic Union, the European project is bound to fail.”

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