GUE/NGL says no to Akkuyu nuclear power plant on seismic Mediterranean coast

As Turkey launches the construction of its first nuclear power plant, the GUE/NGL group in the European Parliament has voiced its protest against this structure that endangers the whole region.

The plant is to be constructed in Mersin, in a seismic area on Turkey's  Mediterranean coast.  This exposes to risk first and foremost the population in the area of Mersin, but also all countries and peoples in the region. It is of particular concern to all Cypriots as the location is just 90 km away from Cyprus.

Moreover, the construction of a nuclear plant in the already troubled area of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East multiplies the dangers of nuclear proliferation with unpredictable consequences.

GUE/NGL expresses its support to the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot organisations that have joined forces to raise awareness both in Cyprus, Turkey and abroad, aiming to stop the construction.  It also expresses its support to relevant organisations in Turkey that oppose this nuclear power plant. The Group will continue to follow developments and raise the issue with different bodies.