The European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties (LIBE) this afternoon voted in favour the Strategic Initiative Report on “the prevention of radicalisation and recruitment of European citizens by terrorist organisations” drafted by French conservative MEP Rachida Dati.

The GUE/NGL tabled 95 amendments to the initial report, and worked closely throughout the process with various NGOs working on fundamental rights issues.  

GUE/NGL's shadow rapporteur, Barbara Spinelli, explained why the group voted against the report: “A number of our red lines remained in the final text such as the request for enhanced control of the EU's external borders, the reinforcement of EU agencies such as EUROPOL and the request for full cooperation with third countries, including the League of Arab States, as well as a commitment to work towards the finalisation of an EU PNR Directive by the end of the year. Also problematic for the GUE/NGL group is the approach taken on the prevention of radicalisation on the internet underlining that internet companies and service providers have a legal responsibility to cooperate with member states' authorities by deleting any illegal content and asking that the internet industry and service providers should cooperate with member states' authorities to promote attractive narratives as well as the request that they set up a special unit tasked with flagging illegal content on the internet and with facilitating the detection, and removal of content”. However, she continued, “our group obtained satisfaction on the establishment of significant prevention measures such as prison educational programmes aiming at the reintegration of inmates and support for front-line workers, through long-term social investment by the member states.”

“We also obtained important improvements on the role of schools and education in preventing radicalisation with the promotion of courses on tolerance and human rights and addressed the socio-economic factors leading to marginalisation by asking for investment in social and neighbourhood projects intending to disrupt economic and geographical marginalisation.”

She added: “We obtained the insertion of a number of demands for member states, for example, to implement EU anti-discrimination laws and take effective measures to address discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes as well as encouraging them to take immediate actions against overcrowded prisons, which is an acute problem in many EU countries.”

Barbara Spinelli concluded: “Finally, we managed to add that a strategy to counter extremism, radicalisation and terrorist recruitment within the EU can only work if it is developed in parallel with a strategy of integration and social inclusion extended to the so-called returning “foreign fighters”.


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