The Colombian government and the Farc announced that they have reached a final, full and definitive agreement to end the conflict that has plagued Colombia for 52-years. The announcement was made from Havana where the negotiations were taking place.

GUE/NGL MEP Marina Albiol, vice-chair of the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EUROLAT), joined the Colombian people in welcoming the agreement:

“We celebrate this historic moment that aims to put an end to a conflict that has lasted for over 50 years and has created some 8 million victims. Without a doubt this is a necessary and important step to end inequality, human rights violations and violence against the Colombian people.”

Albiol stressed the role that the EU can play to support, constructively, the implementation of the agreement:

“The EU should support this exciting new stage in a decisive manner, removing immediately the FARC-EP from the list of organisations considered terrorist and commit to provide a generous and solidarity financial assistance to facilitate implementation of the agreement.”

“The EU must pledge support for the objectives set out in the peace agreement with a special focus on rural development, the special justice system, the mechanisms established to end paramilitarism, the establishment of guarantees for political participation and the democratisation of the Colombian political system, as they all are fundamental pillars to ensure the right to truth, justice and reparations and commitment to non-repetition,” Albiol continued.

GUE/NGL has urged the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army (NLA) to ride in the current wave and continue to forward their dialogue and frank negotiations to guarantee a full peace. 

GUE/NGL MEP Tania González Peñas, vice-chair of the European Parliament's Delegation for relations with the countries of the Andean Community and member of EUROLAT, expressed hope for the national plebiscite taking place on the 2nd of October that will see voters accept or reject the deal:

“We hope that Colombian citizens accept the agreement on the 2nd of October and that there is a start to negotiations with the NLA. A conflict that lasted for more than 50 years has ended and a new era now begins for the Colombian people. The country has given another step towards peace. We celebrate that both the government and the Farc have achieved this fruitful agreement for Colombian society.”

González Peñas urged the EU to play a relevant role in the sensitive post-conflict period:

“We cannot forget that in the last year there has been a great increase in the threats against human rights defenders and the rearming of paramilitary groups. The EU can facilitate the process with the provision of financial support and by monitoring the implementation of the agreement and human rights in the country.”

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