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Following today’s decision by the European Commission and the British government to continue Brexit trade talks, a statement by Martin Schirdewan MEP, co-president of The Left in the European Parliament & member of the EU Parliament’s UK Coordination Group:

“We’re all in favour of going the extra mile in order to get an agreement – but that extra mile must not be a detour to avoid public debate and democratic scrutiny. Under no circumstances can it bypass or sideline the European Parliament.”

“We know the British Prime Minister has his own reasons to avoid scrutiny of any agreement by members of his own government and party. However, the unseemly speed at which any agreement must now be ratified can only undermine its democratic legitimacy.

“We will examine any agreement closely to ensure that there are no concessions on labour standards and environmental standards.

“We will also be watching closely to ensure that there are no backward steps on the Withdrawal Agreement, the Irish Protocol and the peace process in Ireland.”




Photo courtesy of CBAP_cz on Flickr

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