MEP Björk said: “I agree with you that the EU needs to take in more people and we need to do it in such a manner that we divide the responsibility among countries. Closed borders are not the right policy; there needs to be safe passage, my group agrees with you there. We need to help unaccompanied minors better as well and to improve our integration system.”


“You said we have to combat islamophobia and racism in Europe and we totally agree with you on that. Also, we cannot leave Greece to become a giant refugee camp. We have to take joint responsibility.”


“The way that the EU is now trying to negotiate with Turkey to keep refugees out does not reflect your proposals. They are proposing to send refugees back in the same boats as they arrived in. That is not in line with international asylum law – thank you for making that point.”


MEP Björk concluded: “It is with great concern that we see that the EU is not standing up for asylum rights. We hope that your pressure on the EU will have some effect.”


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