Israeli authorities deepening control of Palestinian areas

GUE/NGL MEPs showed their solidarity with Khalida Jarrar today, a Palestinian parliamentarian who was issued with an Israeli expulsion order to leave her home in Palestinian-controlled Ramallah. The Israeli authorities told her she has to move to Jericho.

This is the first time the Israeli authorities have tried to deport someone from one part of a Palestinian-controlled area to another.

Ms. Jarrar refused and is carrying out an ongoing protest at the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) headquarters, where she is currently residing.

GUE/NGL MEP Angela Vallina said: “This incident is worrying and we hope it is not a taste of things to come. We are asking all parliamentarians to stand up and show their support for Ms. Jarrar. We, as GUE/NGL MEPs, are privileged to have been able to show our support in person today. As an occupier there seems to be no limits to what the Israeli government will do in their campaign of injustice.”

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