The worrying use of artificial intelligence (AI) in EU militarisation has been revealed in a study that looks into how AI and autonomous armament are laying the ground for future conflicts that will threaten peace in Europe and beyond.

Commissioned by The Left in the European Parliament, ‘Artificial Intelligence in European Defence: Autonomous Armament?’  (in English and in German) takes a comprehensive look into the use of AI in EU defence planning. It also examines the threats and impact posed by new AI applications, and how they could eventually render international law meaningless.

Authored by political scientist Christoph Marischka from The Information Centre on Militarisation, (IMI e.V.), the research reveals in detail what role AI has played in various EU armament programmes (EDIDP, EDF and PESCO), and the political consequences of the bloc’s militarisation. In particular, the report looks at how the use of AI has deepened significantly since the turn of the century.

Amongst the themes explored:

– How the arms industry and venture capitalists have lobbied the EU Commission, European Space Agency, and member state governments;

– The inclusion of armament projects as part of member states’ industrial policy (France & Germany), and the harmonisation of European armed forces through the digitalised Combat Cloud;

– Why cyber and information warfare are front-and-centre of the EU’s long-term military strategy;

– Space warfare and the dual use of European satellites in reconnaissance, surveillance and communication in extra-terrestrial territories far beyond the EU. 

You can download the study here in English and in German.