The confirmation hearings for the incoming Commissioners-designate showed how many of the nominees are beholden to external interests. While the EU recognises that citizens are losing trust in EU institutions and its decision-making, these obvious conflicts of interest, and their acceptance and side-lining during the hearings, show that the system currently in place is inadequate. Conflicts of interest undermine democracy. They should not be normalised or tolerated, they must be rooted out. The Left in the European Parliament shows what changes are needed for a credible and robust conflicts of interest assessment system.

Summary of our proposal:

The creation of an independent ethics committee:

• with the means, mandate and time to carry out a serious work
• composed of independent members, chosen from independent institutions (European Ombudsman, Court of Justice, Court of Auditors, etc.) or qualified persons elected by two thirds of MEPs to overcome partisan instrumentalisation

With a mandate beyond ethical issues:
• developing rules for the regulation of external remuneration of MEPs during their mandate
• supervision of “revolving doors” of European leaders after the end of their mandate (cooling off period)
• issuing recommendations to the bodies responsible for ethics in the various EU institutions

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