Music has been a hallmark of protest movements around the world, serving to galvanise action, mobilise masses, & inspire change.

On International Workers’ Day, we honour the voices of the struggles for workers’ rights and social justice: their songs, creativity, & achievements.

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We take inspiration from one of the most enduring protest anthems that has spanned several generations & is still sung to this day: ‘Bella Ciao’

Struggles for social & environmental justice, for workers’ rights, feminism, equality, & peace have continued strong, creative, inspiring, determined and full of life. Bella Ciao continues to be heard in squares around the world in many different languages.

Today, we honour and celebrate these voices of struggle.

È questo il fiore del partigiano
O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao
È questo il fiore del partigiano
Morto per la libertà