On the International Workers’ Day, we celebrate the achievements of the labour movement worldwide, highlight the vibrant struggles of workers for economic justice, and make an urgent call to abolish billionaires!

Workers are key to defending economic justice. Historically, they have been at the forefront of struggles against abuse and exploitation. They are also now leading in the fight against extreme wealth concentration, low wages and exploitative working conditions.

Did you know that 20 million European workers are living on the edge of poverty? And that Europe’s billionaires grew $1 trillion richer in the first year of the pandemic alone?

While the numbers of working poor grows throughout Europe, the billionaire class is cashing in. And they do it while fueling the climate emergency, dodging taxes, and exploiting workers.

Check our May Day explainer on this topic in EN, FR and NL.

We are inspired and stand with them in this struggle. Happy International Workers’ Day!