Panama Papers: Dirty Money and Tax Tricks – how the rich, the powerful and criminals rip us off

Europe has endured a lost decade. Enormous losses from bailing out the financial sector had to be shouldered by the public,
while growth and employment faltered as disastrous austerity policies cut wages, pensions and public services. Collective
wealth was destroyed by selling off public property at rock-bottom prices.
While many people struggle to make ends meet in precarious employment or with no job at all, successive scandals
about massive tax dodging by large corporations and wealthy individuals have hit the headlines: Offshore Leaks, Luxembourg
Leaks, Panama Papers and only recently, the Paradise Papers. Some large companies pay less than 1% of tax
globally despite sky-high profits. Hundreds of billions of euros are lost to the public every year due to these practices – money
which could pay for decent schools, hospitals and roads.