As families and working class people across Europe are brought to their knees by energy prices, European leaders continue to dither, failing to take action against an unhinged energy market. Caught up in an endless ping-pong between European institutions and member states, the European Union is leaving families exposed to unbearable energy and living costs.

For over 12 months, The Left in the European Parliament has been raising the alarm on rising energy and gas prices, warning the European Commission that if left unchecked the energy market would wreak havoc upon the livelihoods of families and small businesses across the continent.

This technical briefing assess the key issues underpinning energy interventions in the EU against three key principles: 1) to what extent the measures proposed deepen the democratisation of the energy sector, 2) how much do these measures protect people and families at risk, and 3) accelerate the decarbonisation of our energy sector.