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As a proudly feminist political force, International Women’s Day is an opportunity for The Left to renew our commitment to fight for gender equality and women’s rights.

Without women, societies would have not have functioned during the pandemic.

Women make up the majority in the sectors that have carried us through the past year yet many of these remain the worst paid, most precarious, and undervalued professions.

With rising inequalities, the feminist struggle in the months and years ahead will be long and hard.

It is therefore more important than ever to redouble efforts against sexual harassment – both online and offline – and the shocking increase in violence against women, at home and on the streets.

We must prevent right-wing governments from using Covid-19 as an excuse to restrict women’s rights, such as the abortion ban in Poland and Slovakia, and Hungary restricting access to sexual health services.

In our Feminist Forum we brought together women from all corners of Europe and the world to find new ways of challenging the structures that oppress and new means of organising ourselves as feminists to fight back against the attacks on our bodies and rights.


A number of Left MEPs will also be marking IWD 2021 today by showing solidarity with Polish women and abortion rights in Brussels, including Malin Björk, Leila Chaïbi, Marc Botenga & Nikolaj Villumsen:


– 13h15 in Place Luxembourg outside the European Parliament, Brussels

– 17h30 at Schuman Rond-Point by the Polish Embassy (organised by Marche Mondiale des Femmes Belgique – Wereldvrouwenmars Belgïe, together with ABVV, FGTB, ACV-CSC & PTB/PVDA). Details can be found here




Photo courtesy of Marc Nozell on Flickr


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